My story is about my love of dogs and wanting to help others. I am one of three girls and we are all dog crazy, really animal crazy. My oldest sister just finished college and now she is beginning the process of applying to Veterinary school. We live in a house with a dog, guinea pig, a couple of bunnies, a hamster and whatever other pet needs a home for the week! My parents love animals and we were encouraged to be loving and caring our whole lives with each other and with animals. 

At Christmas time we would donate some of our gifts to those in need and I thought wouldn't it be nice if we could raise some cash to donate each year. A light bulb moment... Let's share our love of animals, help others out by safely caring for their pets and also make some money to donate to the underprivileged. A win - win & win!

That's my story! If you hire us, your pet will be loved and cared for like it is our own pet.

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